Holy Nobleborn Prince Vladimir Yaroslavich, Novgorod Wonderworker

Commemorated on October 4

      Holy Nobleborn Prince Vladimir Yaroslavich, Novgorod Wonderworker, was the eldest son of GreatPrince Yaroslav the Wise, and was born in the year 1020. At age 14 his father made him administrator of Novgorod. The voevoda (military-commander) Vyshata and the holy Bishop Luke Zhidyata (Comm. 10 February) assisted in guiding the prince. When he matured, the prince became a brave defender of the land and a pious Christian. Saint Vladimir built at Novgorod the Sophia cathedral, which was started in the year 1045 and consecrated on 14 September 1052 by Bishop Luke. The holy prince was not only concerned about the strengthening of the princedom (by his decree was built at Novgorod a stone fortress), but he also zealously instructed himself in the law of the Lord. It thus is known, that in 1047 the prophetic books with explanations were copied out for him.
      The holy prince died at age 32 on 4 October 1052 20 days after the consecration of the Sophia temple, and his relics were placed in the church built by him. In the Novgorod Synodikon is mentioned his spouse, princess Alexandra. Commemoration of holy prince Vladimir was established in the year 1439 by Sainted Evphymii, Archbishop of Novgorod (Comm. 11 March).

1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.

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Holy Nobleborn
Prince Vladimir Yaroslavich, Novgorod Wonderworker

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