Sainted Flavian the Confessor, Patriarch of Tsar'grad (Constantinople)

Commemorated on February 18

      Sainted Flavian the Confessor, Patriarch of Tsar'grad (Constantinople), occupied the cathedra-seat under the holy Constantinople Emperor Theodosius the Younger (408-450) and his sister the holy nobleborn Empress Pulcheria (+ 453, Comm. 10 September). At first he was a presbyter and caretaker of church-vessels in the Cathedral church. He was elevated onto the Patriarchal throne after the death of holy Patriarch Proklos (+ 447, Comm. 20 November). During this period of history various disturbances and heresies lacerated church unity. In the year 448, Saint Flavian convened a Local Council at Constantinople for scrutinising the heresy of Eutykhios which asserted only one nature (the Divine) in the Lord Jesus Christ. Persisting in his error, the heretic Eutykhios was excommunicated from the Church and deprived of dignity. But the heretic Eutykhios had a powerful patron in the person of Chrysathios, an eunuch close to the emperor. By means of intrigues Chrysathios swayed over to the side of Eutykhios the bishop of Alexandria Dioskoros, and obtained permission from the emperor for the convening at Ephesus a church council, afterwards known as the "Robber Council". At the Robber Council, Dioskoros presided, gaining by means of threats and force an acquittal of Eutykhios and a condemnation of holy Patriarch Flavian. Saint Flavian during the sessions of this council was fiercely beaten up by impudent monks under the lead of a certain Barsumas. And even the impious president of the Robber Council, the heretic Dioskoros, took part in these beatings. After this heavy chains were put upon Saint Flavian, and he was sentenced to banishment at Ephesus. The Lord however put a stop to his further suffering, by sending him his death (+ August 449). The holy Empress Pulcheria withdrew from the imperial court. Soon the intrigues of Chrysathios were revealed. The emperor dismissed him, and restored again his sister Saint Pulcheria. By her efforts the relics of holy Patriarch Flavian were reverently transferred from Ephesus to Constantinople.

1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.

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Sainted Flavian
the Confessor, Patriarch of Tsar'grad (Constantinople)

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