The Petrovsk Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God

Commemorated on August 24

      The Petrovsk Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God was termed such because it was done by Sainted Peter, Metropolitan of Moscow (+ 21 December 1326)in his sojourn as hegumen of the Ratsk monastery near Volynia. During the time of a visit to the Ratsk monastery by Sainted Maksim, Metropolitan of Kiev and All Russia (+ 6 December 1306), Saint Peter gave him this icon as a gift. The metropolitan took it to Vladimir at Klyazma where his cathedral was then located. Upon the death of Sainted Maksim, the hegumen Gerontii having decided to occupy the metropolitan throne, went with this icon to the Constantinople Patriarch Athanasias (1303-1311). During the time of sailing, hegumen Gerontii was beset by a terrible storm. By night the Most Holy Mother of God appeared to him and said: "Not for thee is allotted the dignity of bishop, but rather for that one who did write My Image". When he came before Patriarch Athanasias, Saint Peter was already in Constantinople. The Patriarch gave over the icon to Sainted Peter with the words: "Take the holy image of the Mother of God, which thou didst inscribe with thine own hands, wherefore because of this is granted thee the gift of the Ever-Virgin Herself, as She foretold of thee". Sainted Peter took the icon to Vladimir, and in the year 1325 upon the transfer of the metropolitan cathedral to Moscow they placed the icon as being of great sanctity in the Moscow Uspenie (Dormition) Cathedral.

1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.

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The Petrovsk Icon
of the Most Holy Mother of God

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