The Icon of the Mother of God "Deliveress"

Commemorated on April 4, October 17

      The Icon of the Mother of God "Deliveress", before being brought to the Novo‑Athonsk Simono-Kananitsk monastery in the Caucasus, was situated on Holy Mount Athos with a resident of the Russian Panteleimonov monastery, schemamonk Martinian (+ 1884). The pious schemamonk had received this icon from the ascetic, Theodoul. The holy icon was glorified by miracles from times of old. Through prayer before this icon in 1841 the inhabitants of Sparta (in Greece) were delivered from locusts. From the Panteleimonov monastery, upon the final wishes of schemamonk Makarii, on 20 July 1889 this icon was given over to the Novo-Athonsk monastery, and the festal celebration in honour of it established under 17 October. When the feastday in honour of this icon was first made at the Simono-Kananitsk monastery, a storm cast up on shore at the monastery more than a ton of fish. On the icon the Most Holy Mother of God holds on Her right arm the God-Infant, Who blesses with His right hand.

1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.

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The Icon of the
Mother of God "Deliveress"

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