The Monk Evphymii of Suzdal'

Commemorated on April 1

      The Monk Evphymii of Suzdal' was born in the year 1316 at Nizhnii Novgorod. From early childhood he was taught his letters and received a spiritual upbringing. He accepted monastic tonsure at the Nizhegorod Pechersk monastery under its founder, Saint Dionysii (later the Archbishop of Suzdal', + 1385, Comm. 26 June and 15 October). The efforts of the Monk Evphymii were so great, that Saint Dionysii counselled him to lessen them. In 1352 the Suzdal' prince Boris Konstantinovich sought to establish in his city a men's monastery, and he turned to the Nizhegorod Pechersk monastery with a request to send a monk for the establishing of the monastery. The choice of the saintly hegumen fell upon the Monk Evphymii. After the arrival of the Monk Evphymii, in the northern part of the city, beyond the Kamenka River, the Suzdal' Sainted-hierarch John (Comm. 15 October) in front of a tremendous throng of the people erected a cross on the spot of the future monastery cathedral. The prince himself began to dig the ground for the foundation, and the Monk Evphymii shaped for himself three grave stones, giving a vow to remain in the new monastery until the very end of his life. Thus was laid the foundation of the Saviour-Transfiguration Evphymiev monastery, where soon under the guidance of the monk gathered more than three hundred monks. At the monastery was adopted the common-life ustav (rule). In particular the monk insisted, that each of the monks be prepared to fulfill whatever the obedience. The Monk Evphymii went often to the Trinity-Sergiev monastery to the Monk Sergei of Radonezh (+ 1392, Comm. 25 September and 5 July). Saint Evphymii was a strict ascetic and a great man of prayer. He toiled incessantly for the benefit of all the brethren. The Monk Evphymii died in the year 1404, on 1 April.
      On 4 July 1507 during the digging of a foundation trench for a new cathedral church, his incorrupt relics were uncovered. The saint was glorified at a Sobor (Council) in 1549.

1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.

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The Monk Evphymii
of Suzdal'

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