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A Liturgy in the Cathedral Gardens chapel begins each day when we have scheduled picnics. Food will be available for purchase after the Liturgy.

April 26 – 10:00 AM Divine Liturgy in Chapel (St. Thomas Sunday/Blessing of the Graves) / 12 noon Hot Dogs, Humburgers, Kolbasa; Games for Kids.

June 2 – 10:00 AM Divine Liturgy in Chapel / 12 noon Corn Beef Picnic.

July 14, – 10:00 AM Divine Liturgy in Chapel / 12 noon Shashlik Picnic.

August 18 – 10:00 AM Divine Liturgy in Chapel / 12 noon Spas Fish Fry Picnic.

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You should re-check the information about a picnic on this webpage just before the picnic is scheduled to occur.
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Cathedral Gardens comprises approximately 56 acres located in Howard County, MD. Cathedral Gardens Cemetery was founded in 1926. The burial area has 10 acres of land. On the rest of the land there are Saints Peter & Paul Chapel and a picnic area.

Michael Mickel, Manager, Cathedral Gardens. 410-666-2870
Brian Cardell, Cathedral Gardens Secretary  

6480 Elibank Drive, Elkridge, MD

The Manager has information about purchase of burial lots.


By His Resurrection Christ has defeated death, overthrew the devil, given life to those in the tombs and opened the gates of paradise to His faithful ones. Because Christ has risen from the dead, Orthodox Christians do not fear death. Physical death is no longer seen as an end, but as a transition from this earthly, finite life to a heavenly, eternal life in God’s Heavenly Kingdom. And so, we Orthodox Christians find a unique sense of peace in our consecrated cemetery. Where modern secular society portrays the cemetery as a place of death and gloom, we see it as a place of life and hopeful expectation. Where popular culture glamorizes the cemetery as a dark, dreadful place to fear and avoid, we Orthodox believers frequently visit the cemetery and even have picnics there with our family and friends, because Christ “has trampled down death by (His) death and upon those in the tombs He has bestowed Life.”

O Most Holy Trinity, Our God, Glory to Thee!